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My learning, although primarily Sussex based, has undergone a number of detours. My grandmother and mother both loved jewellery and as a small child I loved looking at their own collections, this has led me to an abiding fascination with gems.  So I embarked and completed the Foundation and Diploma in Gemmology with The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and I am now a Fellow of Gem-A (FGA).  This has taken me all over the world include the Tucson Rock and Gem Show, Maldives, Brazil, Sri Lanka and the USA.  In 2018/19 I have been continuing my studies at Morely College and made the shortlist for the Goldsmiths Make Your Mark competition.


With qualifications under my belt, my creativity was ignited. My inspiration comes from many different areas of my life; the coast; my home; places I visit; my pantry.  My vision is broad, but my vision is rooted in pieces that are wearable but unique.I love combining the gems I collect with silver, gilded silver and gold to craft interesting pieces of jewellery for customers. Moreover, the enjoyment and passion lies in giving people a bit of sugar and spice in their life.  I therefore cast peppercorns, cardamom pods, nutmegs and other spices in shiny sweet silver and gold as a reminder of the winter seasons, warm natural smells and shared bonds of cooking.  Ironically, for somebody who knew very little about precious metals a decade ago, I have found myself a seasonal artist creating my own trends and learning from others, using all of these fundamental and valuable metals.


I never imagined that I would be in the position I am today in creating my own jewellery, having my own workshop and selling my pieces all over the country, but I am fortunate enough that I am!  So please do join me on my business journey through the spices of the East, the shells of Cornwall, and gems recently purchased from Arizona.  Recently I have had a collection based on the Hokusai Japanese Wave Pattern design and now I am launching a collection to sit along side the spices based on tea and coffee.


From Terry Brett, Pyramid Gallery York:
Fiona has always been a great seller here at Pyramid, we suggested large versions of the cocktail rings which she kindly obliged and made some for our ‘Ringleaders’ exhibition this year. The results have been fantastic. Fiona is a very skilled jeweller; knowledgeable in her trade and very creative, a real pleasure to work with.”

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